What exactly is he supposed to do though? Fans whine that he's arrogant and should be more humble. Then he says something humble and everyone goes "geeze Jon, why are you so fake!" They want him to be one way, and then criticize when he tries to meet those expectations. » 1/20/15 1:04pm 1/20/15 1:04pm

We've seen that sort of thing happen before - a ref stopping a fight because he thought the fighter was out when he wasn't. Yes there was some anger from fans, but not nearly is much. It's always better to err on the side of caution when someone's life is at stake. » 1/17/15 11:19am 1/17/15 11:19am

This exact same thing happened to me! My character talked to everyone, but when he clicked with one of the guys it just made sense. It caught me completely off guard since I've never had a gay character in a game before this, I was wondering if it had happened to anyone else playing. » 1/10/15 2:11pm 1/10/15 2:11pm

If you think that was a shitty fight, you would have fit in great with the Vegas crowd that booed every 15 seconds of inactivity. How about appreciating the champion's Greco-Roman technique that completely wrecked an Olympic wrestler's gameplan? How about enjoying Jones' absurdly diverse striking game that had him… » 1/04/15 8:20pm 1/04/15 8:20pm