How To Plan A Road Trip To All 30 MLB Ballparks In 30 Days

Over at Slate, Eric Brewster and Ben Blatt have put together a very cool tool that completely automates an itinerary for you for a <30-day road trip to every MLB park. It's pretty useful—if you have the leisure time and bank account to run off and do something like this. Go poke around at it and plan a vacation you're… »5/06/14 7:30pm5/06/14 7:30pm


Map: Over 200 Bars In NYC Worth Drinking At

The designers over at Pop Chart Lab have put together a sharp-looking, albeit somewhat arbitrary map of over 200 "distinguished" New York bars, broken down by category (click here for a larger version). If you have a lot of money and plan on living in the city for a couple years, you should check them all out. »4/22/14 9:53pm4/22/14 9:53pm

The Complete Guide to Setting and Negotiating Freelance Rates

It's the most common question I receive from aspiring freelancers of all types: How much should I charge? The question comes packaged in various different guises—whether it is a beginner dipping their toes in the freelancing waters for the first time or someone who has been freelancing for a while but wants to… »4/21/14 12:15pm4/21/14 12:15pm

These DIY Lighted Bookshelves Look Great, are Easy to Build

Leaning bookshelves can be great space-savers that look great in even small spaces. This set of good looking hand-built bookshelves also pack under-shelf lights to highlight whatever's on the shelf below, whether it's books, collectibles, or something else. Plus, they were pretty easy to make. »4/16/14 11:36am4/16/14 11:36am

I Learned to Speak Four Languages in a Few Years: Here's How

Lifehacker reader Gabriel Wyner was tasked with learning four languages in the past few years for his career as an opera singer, and in the process landed on "a pretty damn good method for language learning that you can do in limited amounts of spare time." Here's the four-step method that you can use, too (and you… »2/05/14 11:38am2/05/14 11:38am

Delicious Dishes You Didn't Know You Could Make in a Slow Cooker

You’ve probably heard about slow cookers, and how they can save you time and money in the kitchen. Most people use them for slowly simmered soups, stews, and broths, which is great—but did you know you can make cheesecake in your slow cooker? What about barbecue ribs? Let's talk about some unexpected, delicious meals… »1/22/14 11:53am1/22/14 11:53am

Find Unadvertised Job Openings with a Clever Google Search

Most job openings at most companies go unadvertised—that is, they're posted on their site, but they're not farmed out to recruiters or posted on massive job boards. That also makes them harder to find. Thankfully, Google can do the job for you. Use these search strings to uncover matching gigs. »1/07/14 11:35am1/07/14 11:35am

Most Popular Top 10s of 2013

We share an awful lot of tips every day at Lifehacker, so it's easy to miss a few. Luckily, we regularly round up our favorite tips in every category in our weekly Top 10 series. Here were the most popular top 10 lists in 2013. »12/04/13 10:17pm12/04/13 10:17pm

​8 Basic Life-Saving Skills Everyone Should Know

We've featured a ton of survival and MacGyver tips over the years that could help you out of a fix, but what if you're next to someone else who's having an emergency? Don't just stand there as the person chokes or faints! Know what to do in these life-or-death situations. »11/22/13 5:27pm11/22/13 5:27pm

Get a Hotel Upgrade by Emailing the Manager Directly

It's always worth asking for a hotel upgrade, but if you feel shy about asking at the front desk or even calling the hotel ahead of time, a simple email to the right person can do the trick. »11/15/13 8:20pm11/15/13 8:20pm

The Five Anime of Fall 2013 You Should Be Watching

When the fall 2013 anime season started early last month, I told you a little bit about each anime and where to watch them. However, with 49 new anime to watch this fall, one can’t help but ask: Which of them should you be watching? »11/15/13 12:17pm11/15/13 12:17pm

The Forest Hideaway Desktop

Chemicalist wanted something that wasn't cold and minimal, but also wasn't cluttered and busy, so he built this gorgeous, colorful desktop instead. We love the wallpaper, but we also dig the informative widgets at the bottom of the display and how well everything fits. Here's how he put it together: »11/15/13 12:07pm11/15/13 12:07pm

How to Migrate to a Solid-State Drive Without Reinstalling Windows

Installing a solid-state drive is one of the best upgrades you can make to your computer, but migrating your Windows installation to a small drive can be tricky, because your data won't necessarily all fit on the drive. Here's how to install an SSD without reinstalling Windows from scratch. »11/12/13 8:51pm11/12/13 8:51pm